Common Terms Every CSGO Player Must Know

Undoubtedly, every game comes with its jargon that includes names, acronyms, and abbreviations for different features and tools of the game. So is the case with Counter Strike Global Offensive, especially if you are new to the game. The regular CS GO players are well-aware of all the common terms used in the matches that make it easy for them to identify and understand what the other person is trying to communicate.

Hence, it is significant to know about all the jargon that players commonly use in CSGO. The blog will provide you with the most popular terms every CSGO player encounters in their gameplay. Here you will find jargons that are commonly used for rounds, in certain situations and weapons.

Common Terms for Rounds:

Site Stack:
This jargon is used when a team sends more players than the default number of the CSGO players. Normally, teams send more players to specific positions for predicting the movements of the opposing team going that way.

The eco round is when you have less than enough money to purchase weapons like helmet, rifle, and grenades. Usually, players in this round do not purchase anything at all or buy Deagle, P250, or grenades.

Here your enemy is forced to play the eco round of the gameplay, and you are going to play against your opponent is what Anti-eco means basically.

When players cut all their losses in the gameplay, and survive as a player in the end. Also, you keep some of the armors and grenades for the next round of CSGO.

Force Buy:
When in CSGO, the players, after losing one round, do not have enough money to buy equipment and armors, they purchase cheaper weapons due to the need of the time. For instance, it is the last round of the half, such situations demand the purchase of weapons.

T Side/ CT Side:
On the CSGO map, the T Side is the Terrorist side (Terrorists are Dominant), and CT Side is the Counter-Terrorist Side (Counter-Terrorists are Dominant).

Full Buy:
Depending upon the other team’s economy, you either buy Kevlar along with a helmet or Kevlar, helmet, and a weapon that you prefer.

Common Terms Used In Certain Situations:

The shot towards a wall or an object, leading to the penetration of the bullet.

Due to the flashbang explosions, the player is likely to become blind for a while. Depending upon the severity of the explosions, the players will become half or fully blind.

Lurking/ flanking:
Moving on the map to follow the opponents or surprise your opponents.

The position where you are either at the back or in front of any other player. Here you block their movement to the location they wish to move.

A tricky technique in which a CSGO player defuses a bomb and wins in the presence of alive opponents.

The spots in the game are only reachable by jumping once on the head of a ducked player and then jumping again.

Determining common positions using the A and D keys.

Clutch is the situation when there is only one person alive in the team against a single or numerous enemies.

Precautionary firings in the direction where you expect the opponent to be as you move around peeking.

The term denotes the damage or loss the player came across in the match.

It is when the player losses control of bombsites and try to regain control.

When the player is head shotted he/she is drunk.

When players are asked to leave their position and move to the position where they expect the enemy to move.

Fakes are for anything that is not real, to distract the opponent. Most commonly used to fake bomb defusing.

It is when a smoke grenade traps you in by blocking your way.

It is when a team kicks out a player after voting.

It is trading the life of your teammate by killing the opponent who has killed your team member.

Jargons for Weapons:

Usually, players use it for Automatic Sniper rifles like GS3G1 and SCAR-20.

The Basic HE grenade is called Nade.

It is for the AWP Sniper rifle.

Nade Stacking:
Numerous players using standard HE grenades at a single time is nade stacking.

The CZ75 Auto Pistol, also known as the pocket AK.

Pro 90:
P90 submachine gun.

Juan Deag:
Single-shot death from the Desert Eagle pistol is Juan Deag.

The CT defusing kit.

The term denotes any shotgun weapons.

MAG-7 Counter-Terrorist shotgun

Molly is for incendiary grenade or Molotov.


Often new players are bewildered when they hear ‘NS’ by their team members during a match. The confusion leads to the shift of concentration from the game to what the player is trying to say. Hopefully, after reading the article, you are knowledgeable of most of the jargon of the CSGO gameplay. So, before players buy CSGO accounts, they must know about jargon.

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