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Loyalty badge accounts

Loyalty Badge is awarded to players who have played CSGO before the Danger Zone upgrade.

10-5 Year veteran coin accounts

The 10 Year Veteran Coin was awarded to players who have been part of the Counter-Strike People Community for more than 10 years. But you can simply buy from our website.

Hour boosted accounts

We offer secured hours boosted csgo smurf accounts according to your needs.

cssgo smurf accounts for sale

CS:GO Smurf Accounts

In CSGO, your rank decides how good you are. Higher ranks are more difficult to get than lower ranks. The most skilled players have a rank of Global Elite, which is only 0.01% of all CSGO users!

One frustrating thing about playing CSGO is when you’re up against someone who has more experience and better gear than you. But what if we told you that it’s possible to get a big boost on your competition? You can buy csgo smurf accounts for sale at a discounted price now! When you have these accounts, even beginners can beat experienced pros.

With csgo smurf accounts, even beginners can beat experienced pros who think they’re untouchable just because they’ve been playing longer or spent hundreds on their inventory when it’s possible (and affordable!) to get that same boost too!

CSGO Smurf Accounts are a way for you to send yourself into a league with other players of similar skill levels. They let you face off against people who have experience and gear that is comparable to yours, so no more getting frustrated by having your rank go down every time you lose a game or getting taunted by the enemy team when they’ve lost one rank. Because they beat someone new!

Use smurf accounts to finally see what it’s like to play as an experienced player without putting in the time and effort required to get there.

CSGO Smurfs also boosts ranking up fast. With csgo smurf, all you have to worry about is winning games. You pick your new account, play in the lower league, and as soon as you win a few matches you will automatically start getting ranked up!

But Why Choose CSGO Smurf Over Other Fresh Prime Accounts?

Free from cheating: No aimbot or other cheats is needed. It’s 100% legal! It’s actually harder for low-rank players to become better when they use hacks. Still, when you’re playing on a smurf account, it doesn’t matter what gear or experience you had previously because now you’re in a lower division. Hence, the people alongside you are not much different from yourself since everybody starts off at zero no matter how many wins they have.

The thrill of being CSGO pro: Smurfing is by far one of the most exciting things you can experience in CSGO. It’s like going from being an underdog to becoming a superstar and making all of your opponents look like fools! There’s nothing like it, so if you’re looking for something new, csgo smurf accounts are your ticket.


Yes, you can purchase Counter-Strike Global Offensive smurf accounts and enjoy an advantage over other players. In-game experience is not just about knowing the game mechanics; it’s also about having a skill set in one side of the match more than another player does.

CSGO smurfs are CS: GO accounts that have a higher rank than your own account. There’s an argument as to whether or not CSGO smurf accounts actually give players in-game advantages, but they can certainly make the experience more enjoyable and increase chances of victory based on player skill level and type of map being played.

A CSGO smurf account is also referred to as a CS: GO ranked matchmaking ready account, which means it has all levels completed with maxed out ranks for every item slot so you don’t need to worry about getting killed by someone who spent their time grinding through matches just because you’re carrying less equipment!

It’s easy enough these days to find cheap CSGO SMURF ACCOUNTS and CS: GO ranked matchmaking ready accounts with a quick search. CSGO smurf accounts range in price from $11 to $27 depending on how long the CS: GO ranked matchmaking ready account has been active.

There are CSGO smurf accounts for every CS: GO player type. The CSGO smurf account that suits your needs will depend on your in-game experience, a number of hours played, and whether or not you want a CSGO ranked matchmaking ready account to be able to play as any rank (meaning no level restrictions). If you’re looking for the perfect CSGO SMURF ACCOUNT, try checking out one of these cheap CS: GO ranks!

About CSGO Smurf Account.

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