All gamers of 2020 know that CSGO is a game that is well recognized and well established and no one can ignore this truth. Csgo got popular in a very short time after its release. According to research, the new version of csgo is among the top fps games of 2020. According to the survey, it is clear that players love csgo more than any other fps game. But the thing here is why? When all for games are based on the same theme then how cs go is better and why it is liked more by gaming lovers? The answer to this question may be unknown to some new players, but if you are a player that has tried all fps games then you must have the answer to this question. The answer to this is the different experience and uniqueness it offers. Yes, it is an fps game like all others,  but it has so many things that provide a unique and different gaming experience to the player. These things not only make csgo different but all more in-demand games of 2020. To know what these difference are and what is the secret to csgo popularity, have a look at the following blog:


In all fps games, you will definitely come across deathmatch where you will run all over the map to either kill your enemy or struggle to survive. All fps games are the same and have the same goal of killing your enemy before the enemy kills you. However, when it comes to csgo, it is not as it is in all other fps games. Csgo is not just about killing and running around, it’s about planning and strategy. Running around the map is not interesting unless you don’t have interesting maps to enjoy and with. Knowing the maps and planning the gaming strategy according to them is more fun than usual. These are the two major aspects that give life to csgo gaming and make it a better version of fps.

Skills Are Significant:

In csgo, skills have more place than the rank, but in other fps the higher the rank the higher the benefits you will get. For example, if a person has a higher rank, he will be given more advanced weapons than the one who is at the lower rank. That means that new players have to work hard and invest a lot of time to get to use advanced weapons. But in csgo, all are equal. All the players are given the same rank and weapon at the time they start. Only those players who have better skills can have a benefit over the other players. To be better at skills, you need to have a better knowledge of maps, a good aiming practice, and much more. You also should have knowledge about the weapons and the best time to use them. Because of all these reasons, betting on the csgo platform is interesting and tough than others.

Design And Physics:

No game can be a perfect pick unless it provides you with real experience. If you have been a part of COD, you may have an idea that it’s a direct automatic kill if you hide behind something. There are so many fps that lack the basic aspects that are a must-needed requirement to make a game realistic. For example, in many fps games, there are no recoil patterns for weapons. So there is a very low chance that you miss your aim. However, in csgo, things work very differently. Each of the weapons available has its own recoil pattern which makes the aiming difficult and near to natural. So in csgo, you need to work a lot on your aiming skills like real life in order to take a proper aim through a weapon. Similarly in csgo, the maps are not like other fps games. They are designed so well for a team play that whoever goes alone ends up dying. On the other hand, buying skins and weapons adds another impact of reality to csgo gaming. All these things make csgo a better place for gamers. As it not only provide a gaming environment but a gaming environment that is close to reality.

Wrapping Up:

There are so many fps games available in the market which makes the competition tough, however, csgo has always been on top from the day it was launched. Its different aspects make it unique and playing. These aspects are more interesting like buy csgo accounts, buy skins, realistic maps, weapons recoil patterns, and much more. If you haven’t started with any fps game and looking forward to the best pick, then choose csgo without thinking anything. Csgo is the only game that can give you the gaming experience you are looking for.

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