There are numerous educational materials in the form of guides, tutorials, books, etc. Most of the time, all of these cover almost all aspects from tips to strategies but often miss out on one of the most significant features that are the death screen. Most of the CSGO players undermine the importance of the death screen in the gameplay. However, if any player wishes to gain an edge over their opponents, he/she must observe what the death screen has to say. Surprisingly, the death screen holds a lot of invaluable information for you and your team players.

So, you will discover in this article about the things you can explore after your opponent has killed you, or you have killed a player.

The Death Screen

Usually, in Counter-Strike Global Offensive gameplay, the players are shot and the death screen centers where they fall. Most of the time, the timing of the death screen is five to six seconds. Some people perceive it as a freeze-frame, but it is not. Everything that takes place around you in the timeframe of five to six seconds has a lot in brief for the players. However, you must consider some limitations as the camera directs at the spot where you die, so it can be hidden by the environment offering not a good view at all.
Note: We would recommend you to keep the death screen in mind when reading the article, to know and understand it better.

What Must You Do After Dying?

Well, being a CSGO player, you have a lot to give to your team even after dying in CSGO. It can turn the tables upside down for your team if you play your role keenly. So, the first and foremost thing that you must do is tell your team the number of opponents you see around you at the location where they killed you. For instance, you call out that four terrorists are running towards a site from upper tunnels. Also, if you can locate their position during the timeframe, it would be of great benefit to your team. If you do this correctly, your team will have an edge to prepare, rotate, and cover the opponents properly.

Not just this, you can identify many finer details from the death screen after you die. You can tell your team members the weapons enemies used for killing you. Moreover, you can tell your team of the weapons you spot in their hands and whether they swapped or picked up any rifles. Factually, this information is going to be of great help to your living team members.

If you have a screenshot of the death screen, you will a bomb in red color (that is visible in red pulsating circles in the game). When you locate the bombs, you can help your teammates guess the site they are likely to plan on. You may even hear the sound of the plant before the death screen ends if the terrorists do it quickly. If you observe and communicate all these tiny details instantly to your team, they will plan and respond accordingly and as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the box in the middle of the screen will give you information regarding how much damage you did to your opponent before dying (if any). Let us suppose you got your opponent low on health, so this will be a huge advantage and confidence boost for the other team members who wish to kick them out.

You must keep in mind that you will not receive all this information every time you die. The bundle of information you get from the death screen directly depends on the location you die. If the opponent shoots you from an AWP from behind the box, you will never know the location you were shot and the weapon you were shot with. Nonetheless, if you are lucky enough, you may die at a four-man eco rush. In such a situation, you will easily spot and tell your teammates where the terrorists are positioned on the bombsite.

Note that no matter how irrelevant or useless it feels like, every tiny bit of information that the death screen gives you is valuable to your teammates.

What Must You Do After Killing?

Now when you are the shooter, you must know that the victim can locate you in the five to six seconds of death screen they have, and they will pass this information to their team. You can play smartly and pass on the information which you wish to pass to them as a team.

You can easily hide your true intentions by heading into any other direction and then move back to your intended location after your opponent’s death screen disappears. It is nothing but a mind game that you play with your opponents and trick them.

Final Word

Hopefully, the secrets that the five seconds of death screen holds are unrevealed to you now. So, buy CSGO smurf accounts and begin playing! Your death is an opportunity for your team, never lose hope!

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