CS:GO 101 – Tips on becoming a good AWPer

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the fundamentals of the game are explained in great detail, allowing you to become a professional player faster than you can say “Rush B!”

The AWP is the focus of this article, which is filled with tips on how to become better use of it.

Tip 1: Know the rifle

Know the rifle

To begin with, being a good AWPer revolves around that legendary rifle, the AWP. There are a few things you should keep in mind at all times. It costs $4750 and comes in a magazine size of 10. When you buy it, you get 40 bullets in total, which is more than enough for an entire round.


In terms of handling, the AWP is a large, unwieldy weapon. Carrying it in your hands will significantly slow you down, and accuracy without scoping is non-existent. Because of its bolt-action design, it has an extremely slow rate of fire. However, it is a one-shot kill weapon from the waist up. There is no other weapon in the game that compares to it.

Tip 2: Handle it correctly and position it correctly.

Now that you know what to expect from the AWP, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using it. Because of its slow and clumsy nature, the AWP must be used with caution. You must remember that the rifle works best at the range, and it is your responsibility to maintain an acceptable distance between yourself and your enemies. It’s also a good idea to have some backup cover in case you get engaged.


As a result, positioning becomes even more important. You must learn which positions are reserved for AWPers or figure out where you can hunker down to anticipate upcoming opponents. An AWP that is stuck in a dead-end position is worthless. At the start of the round, you must seek out a location where you can scope out and begin picking off your enemies. Consider Window in Mirage, staying in T Spawn on Dust2, Banana on Inferno, and so on. The possibilities are limitless.

Simultaneously, avoid returning to the same locations. Otherwise, the enemy team will recognize your patterns within two or three rounds, and you’ll be tanking molotovs or sitting in a cloud of smoke before you know it. You should also move back from your location after a kill, unless you know the next enemies are about to rush in right away. This only occurs in situations where you are already fighting close to home.


Tip 3: Consider the team and the monetary value.

The AWP’s strength is the early destruction it can inflict on the opposing team. If you, as an AWPer, can start the round by eliminating two enemy players, you’ve just reduced a five-versus-five game to a five-versus-three game. This is enormous. That is the level of responsibility you can bear in this position. You are an essential member of the team who cannot be overlooked, but you are also a luxury.

One of the most expensive rifles in the game is the AWP. With a price tag of $4750, it means a solid investment and a lot of money down the drain that could be used for a variety of other purposes. As a result, you should exercise caution when using this costly piece of equipment. Don’t be that person who makes crazy attempts and ends up losing the AWP four out of five times. That means you just squandered a large sum of money that your team could have used.

Tip 4: You still have a pistol

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You still have a pistol

It’s easy to forget you’re still carrying a sidearm. Keep this in mind when you find yourself in situations where your AWP is simply not the right tool for the job. Consider close-quarters fights in which missing the first shot means potentially losing your life. You can try that sick no-scope, but it’s a risk at best. Don’t forget to invest in your pistol as well. It can be a very powerful sidearm for close combat. Nowadays, the P250 or Tec-9 are popular choices, but if you prefer a high rate of fire, the Five-seven might be the pistol for you.

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