You’ve come to the proper spot if you’re searching for a straightforward way to increase the best Red CS:GO Skins in your inventory or just need something to liven up your loadout. All kinds of skins for guns, knives, and shotguns may be found here. They’re all crimson, as you guessed. These are the red CSGO skins that you’ll need for your loadout, from the most inexpensive to the most expensive.

1. Nova Candy Apple – Factory New

Nova Candy Apple – Best Red CS:GO Skin

When it comes to the cost of your baby shower, you can’t go wrong with this option. Depending on which chocolate bar you pick, these and five more for friends might cost less than a candy bar. It’s also the closest thing to a completely red Nova skin. If you don’t have a red Nova skin, this is the place to go. It’s only 10 cents for Factory New, so if you don’t already have one – get it.

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2. Glock-18 Candy Apple – Factory New

The Glock-18 is ideal for any budget, since it costs less than $50 in Factory New condition. It isn’t entirely red, but the matte black contrast adds to the color of your loadout, we think you’ll like it.

3. MAG-7 Heat – Minimal Wear

The MAG-7 Heat will unquestionably be heating up in-game since it’s so hot – probably both literally and metaphorically. If you want a red MAG-7 in your loadout, there aren’t many red MAG-7 skins available, so if you do, the (reddish) Core Breach is a viable alternative. It’s a no-brainer if you ask us.

4. Galil AR Signal – Factory New

It’s a cheap alternative. It’s made of plastic. And if you like blue, this one is for you. Did we mention it’s red? The Signal is without a doubt the greatest bang for your buck when it comes to Galil AR skins, regardless of color. Perfectly in the middle between “too complicated” and “too dull


5. Sawed-Off Brake Light – Factory New

It’s all about how red you want to go. I’m sure that there were a few people who could argue with me, but they’ll be silenced by your team’s reaction. This skin is not bad-looking, so make certain that your teammates and the opposition slam on their brakes to check it out.

6. USP-S Check Engine – Factory New

The reddest red of them all – the Check Engine offers you everything from a pinkish hue to a crimson-hued skin. It’s almost entirely red. What else could you want?

7. XM1014 Tranquility – Field Tested

The XM1014 is a gun that many people overlook, and we consider the Tranquility to be an underappreciated skin. That being said, it’s not our fault that it’s underrated; as a result, the price has been reduced. nYou may buy the Tranquility in Field Tested condition for $2. 


8. M4A4 Evil Daimyo – Factory New

The massive, evil daimyo who looks like this is in a lot of players’ decks for good reason: it’s a fantastic skin. We’ve been thinking about the ideal word to describe this skin for a while now, and we think it’s “beautiful.” It’s not too flashy, it isn’t overly basic, there is just the right amount of red and other hues, and last but not least, the price is reasonable! Take a look! 

9. P250 Muertos – Factory New

The Muertos, arguably the reddest skin on our list, is one not to be missed. It’s rather inexpensive at around $4 for Factory New and features some amazing designs that are quite psychedelic in appearance. If it weren’t for the fact that firearms were not available in 1,000 years, I’d believe this thing had been found in a temple from a thousand years ago.

10. FAMAS Roll Cage – Minimal Wear

This skin is not only red, but it’s also covertly rare, meaning that when you’re performing it will be red in your (and your spectator’s) UI. It’s really neat. It isn’t the reddest skin we’ve ever seen, but we think the pattern is great.

11. M4A4 Bullet Rain – Minimal Wear

We’re as surprised as you are that this weapon isn’t more expensive. It’s one of the more vibrant weapons, and having a higher price tag is usually associated with it – but not in this instance. The M4A4 Bullet Rain is an exquisite skin to have. Even better, it can be used as a blue skin for a blue loadout if you change your mind.

12. P90 Cold Blooded – Factory New

It’s the reddest P90 you’ll find, and while it isn’t cheap, it isn’t outrageously priced at just $8 for Factory New. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Medium Wear or higher, so if you’re on a budget, this weapon isn’t for you.

13. Desert Eagle Crimson Web – Minimal Wear

The Crimson Web, or Mameluke knot, is a popular knife design that’s largely neglected when it comes to weapon skins. We’re not sure why because the Desert Eagle in this image looks fantastic. If you’re looking for a gun with less wear, the Minimal Wear Crimson Web is going to cost you 20% less than the Factory New-conditioned version. The expense of saving 80 percent is only a few scratches, and that’s a bargain if we say so ourselves.

14. Glock-18 Water Elemental – Factory New

The Glock-18 Water Elemental is a red and blue design that will complement your arsenal. It’s in the middle of “too flashy” and “too plain,” with a cool yet not overly complicated look about it. If you’re stumped as to which Glock skin to pick for your loadout and are concerned you’ll make the wrong selection, this is a safe bet.

15. AK-47 Orbit Mk01 – Factory New

The AK-47 Orbit Mk01’s drab Star Wars-style design may appear uninteresting, but that’s exactly why we adore it. Players too frequently choose for the bright and vibrant skins that draw everyone’s attention. It’s always beneficial to have a variety of bright colors in your loadout! If you use every skin in your arsenal is brightly colored, it will appear repetitive. We believe the Orbit is an excellent choice for any red collection since to its modest yet creative form.

16. AWP Redline – Minimal Wear

It isn’t completely red, but it has some nice-looking red stripes and is the closest you’ll get to an AWP skin in terms of color. We assure you that we’ve double-checked. It’s not only attractive, but it’s also reasonably priced. This weapon’s minimal Wear to Well Worn conditions cost between $10 and $15.

17. M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire – Minimal Wear

Holy shit. Holy shit! Holy shit! This thing is a work of art. It’s almost certainly 50 percent red and gold, yet it’s completely wonderful. Versace would have designed this if there were fashion companies in CS:GO. With those regal patterns and hues on your M4A1-S, you’ll be mistaken for a baller. The best part is that this isn’t even necessary to have in your arsenal. Just $25 will get you started with Minimal Wear. A little investment for an exquisite skin.

18. USP-S Kill Confirmed – Minimal Wear

This skin’s design features a bullet shattering a skull: exactly what we think the owner of this pistol will do with it. We recommend purchasing this gun in Minimal Wear since it has some minor flaws, but it lowers the price by up to $40.

19. Desert Eagle Code Red – Factory New

The Desert Eagle Code Red comes as a Factory New model, as well as a Battle Scarred variant for around $50. With that stated, you’ll need to purchase this weapon new in order to appreciate its design. It’s not “all out red,” but the writing and matte black handle provide some much-needed personality and diversity.

20. AK-47 Bloodsport – Factory New

The AK-47 Bloodsport is an Asian take on design with Japanese wordings that translate to “lightning” in English. With a wide range of text and symbols, this is without a doubt one of the most interesting AK-47 skins available, if not one of the most exciting. It’s definitely on the expensive side as far as AK skins go, selling for around $50 on third-party marketplaces in Factory New.

21. Gut Knife Crimson Web – Battle Scarred

This is the most affordable red knife available. With prices as low as $50, this Gut Knife Red Web is a surprisingly good bargain for those seeking for a red inventory or a red loadout. It’s probably not one to get if you’re scared of spiders.

22. M4A1-S Hot Rod – Factory New

We don’t believe that any other red skin has a red as deep and enticing as the M4A1-S Hot Rod. You’d be stupid not to if you have the cash ($60) to purchase it in your loadout.

23. M9 Bayonet Autotronic – Minimal Wear

If you like the vanilla M9 Bayonet, but it’s a bit too basic for your taste, the Autotronic is the perfect compromise. It’s a mix of old and new with an appearance that combines an untainted M9 blade with a blood-soaked look on one side. The Autronic isn’t the cheapest knife on the market, but even if you don’t have $300 to spare, you’ll want to give it a look in-game since its looks are off the charts.

24. Karambit Slaughter – Factory New

Would a red skins article be complete without a Slaughter? We don’t believe so. The Karambit, of course, has to be on your list if you’re getting a Slaughter knife. The curvature of the blade works well with this soft red patterning. Just visualizing me spinning that around my finger in-game makes me want to jump on something sharp.

25. M4A4 Howl – Minimal Wear

Howl is a skin that will have your teammates and opponents howling in astonishment. It’s gorgeous. The howl was inspired by a community member who claimed they were “inspired by their dog” after stealing an online artwork and submitting it to the CS:GO workshop. After a few months, the original artist of the picture discovered that their wolf artwork was being used in a CS:GO skin, which prompted Valve to be informed. The skin was subsequently taken off from inventory and redesigned so that it did not violate copyright. Despite the redesign being cleared of copyright concerns, it was never re-added to cases. This makes it a highly sought-after skin. A Minimal Wear Howl with a price tag of approximately $800 is shown above!

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