Counter-Strike Global Offensive by Valve was not free at the start, but when it got free many gaming lovers decided to jump in to join the csgo world. The very first thing beginners fascinate about csgo is the variety of weapons available for them even in the lowest level of the game. A newbie in csgo is given the opportunity to choose between a large number of weapons, but while doing this newbies forget that not all weapons are the same. Not all weapons will give equal results, nor they will be the same in use. Some weapons may be different from others in terms of spray pattern, recoil, and much more. So it is a crucial thing to decide for csgo players which is the most suitable weapon to go with. In order to make things simple for you, I will explain the top 5 weapons that are best to use by beginners.


The most commonly used sniper rifle for newbie csgo players is AWP.No matter you like to pick this weapon over others or not, this is the most suitable pick. The reason behind it being the best pick is it is easy to use. Using AWP, you can easily kill your enemy with little knowledge of technicalities. You may not be able to take headshots with it at the start as you will be low on practice but there are high chances that whenever you take an aim you will achieve a kill. But in any case, you miss your shoot, then it will act as a cover for you or any of your teammates. These are some of the reasons that it is the most suitable pick for csgo newbies.

Desert Eagle:

In the variety of pistols available at csgo, Desert Eagle is the one that you can’t miss if you are new to the csgo gaming world. The best quality a desert eagle can offer to players is high damage with the high range at the same time. The only difficulty that a player may face while using a desert eagle is a high need for precision as it requires a good aim. If we talk about the weapon ranking, it is an average pistol however it is good to go with when you are not in a mood to spend money and want to save it for later use.


It is the rifle that everyone knows about as it is one of the most popular weapons of csgo. Yes, it’s Ak47. It is one of the weapons that can be anyone’s favorite after a series of matches. The reason behind this is the quality of the result it offers. You can easily have headshots with the AK47, no matter the enemy is using any safety equipment like a helmet, etc. According to its recoil setting, it can be utilized for both long and short ranges. It can help you kill more than one enemy at a time when it comes to short-range attacks. To put forward good results with this gun, you just need to have good control over its recoil pattern. So with a little practice, you can be a high scoring player in a match.


After AK47 if any other gun that can make it outcomes then it’s M4A4. It is also a good pick for both short and long-range aims. The best part about this gun is that it is available in different versions. One of its versions has the benefit that when shoot can not be pointed in the map. As it is not visible on the map, it has a good pick for newbies. If you are playing as a Counterterrorist,  then there can be no better pick then this one.

SG 553:

A gun that can give you the same qualities as Ak47 but is not automatic is SG553. It is more efficient with a high-efficiency range and accuracy then AK47. If you are looking for an AK47 alternative, then go for it as it has all that an AK47 can offer you. However, the piece range of this gun is a little higher. So go with this to showcase your beginner’s skills to the csgo gaming world.

Wrapping Up:

There are so many features like a csgo guardian elite or other ranked accounts that can help you get the best gaming experience and enjoy it at your convenience. Similarly when it comes to helping nothing can be more helpful than the right pick of weapon especially when you are new to the csgo world. Buying expensive weapons at the start without understanding the concept of recoil and spray pattern is the biggest mistake of many players. To avoid this, the above mentions weapons are the most suitable picks from all the weapons available to the new player of csgo. You can also buy a csgo smurf account to add a cherry on the top.

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