Many things have changed during this pandemic but one thing that has evolved is gaming. Gaming has evolved with technology over the years. As kids, we used to beg our parents to take us to arcades just so we could play Pac Man. Later technology introduced PlayStation and PSPs. Now we live in a world where PlayStation 5 was just released and XBOX is taking over the world. More so, gaming is made easier and accessible through online portals! Online gaming has spread more widely and fast than McDonald’s new Jalapeño bites! Online games are cheaper, more convenient, and allow you to play with players around the world. It creates diversity in the game and makes it more adventurous. 

Action games are one of the most popular genres of online gaming. Fortnite and Counterstrike: Global Offensive are two of the popular games played. Fortnite is a game of survival with 100 players who fight against each other in player versus player combat, the last one standing declared as the winner. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed game, not unlike The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must in order to survive.

Counterstrike: Global offensive also known as Cs Go is a game between terrorists and counter-terrorists. Both of them fight against each other using armor, guns, weapons, grenades, and much more to kill one another. Cs Go also has levels and accounts which is when the ranks in CS: GO begin to get quite competitive. The players are mostly experienced, with a solid aim and the ability to use grenades effectively giving them an advantage. There are an estimated 125 million players on Fortnite while Cs: go is said to have over 250 million players!

However, it’s not an easy task to play and succeed in Cs Go. It has a lot of requirements and skills that are needed to survive in the game. So here’s some information regarding it. A performance guide for CS GO!

A solid-state drive is something essential and will effectively and positively impact your performance. It is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data continuously. By using flash memory, and functioning as secondary storage in the levels of computer storage. It makes the experience better by loading the game, map, and map textures a lot faster. Hence Cs Go should be installed on it. It will also help in-memory storage as the game itself if of 15 GB and requires 2 GB of RAM. Hence, to improve your performance while saving your Pc from malfunctioning, SSD is necessary.

Cs: Go is all about visual and audio hence it’s essential to have a high-resolution PC. 720P is usually preferred, and a good audio system like a good pair of headset. Apart from these basics, to improve the quality of your game. You need to download the latest audio drivers for your motherboard. An audio driver is an innovative software that helps your operating system. It communicates with audio devices such as sound cards and speakers.

For the best performance, make sure your PC is updated to the latest version and is virus-free! The new update will have better features and fewer viruses. You need to be careful with these two as Cs:Go has many accounts and levels which require high computing power. 

Frames per second also vital for performance, sometimes the FPS drops rapidly and you aren’t able to kill the opponent. So for better performance, make sure to have a higher FPS rate than refresh rate. You can always test the performance before starting to play. By going to the FPS benchmark performance test and adding it to your Cs Go.

Here’s a PRO tip not everyone knows about. Windows 10 gives you an option to enable game mode! It is one of the important features of Windows 10 which was specifically made to facilitate gamers. Which includes higher fps and consistent performance. It also makes the performance better by prioritizing the game application. Therefore allowing it to get the max out of the CPU and GPU. Moreover, it also shuts down irrelevant applications.

For the ultimate performance, you need to enable the ultimate performance mood. Just go to the control panel, hardware, and sound and edit your power plan settings. The Ultimate Performance makes sure that you aren’t disturbed by the Power threshold. It allows maximum use of the hardware by increasing the speed to maximum!

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